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some doodles from the first day of art class

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lithuanian-spazz so kindly let me draw her awesome OC!

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This is so bad.  I’m so lazy.

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♥Cute artists net!♥

So tartkiss and I decided to come up with a network/ chat where artists unite and participate in fun events as a network.

This network is beneficial as it consists of participating in fun events such as:

  • Artist of the month
  • art trades
  • collaborations
  • taking requests
  • getting our art more noticed
  • making friends
  • feedback and even cool art games and trying to improve our art significantly!

and more cool stuff which we can speak about as a group when we have chosen members.

  • In order to be considered for the nework all you have to do is reblog this post and follow harern and tartkiss.


Meaning in which we’ll be accepting most people when we’d like.

Any form of art is welcomed, and it’ll be nice to meet people out there with similar interests and interesting art styles.

If you have any questions feel free to ask either harern or tartkiss.

Also, we’ll be distributing the badges when we have accepted you. There is no network page just until we have a decent amount of members.

When we’ve accepted members we will be asking you for your email address in order to add you into the chat.

When you enter the chat then please introduce yourself. I’m pretty sure the members will warmly welcome you!

guys guys!!! we did the thing!!!

31/05/14 - 3 notes

Pretty Guardian Bee, 2014

Bee and Puppycat fan art

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I was in a production of Sweeney Todd last month, and my friend was feeling nostalgic and asked me to draw this.

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bangs ???
i got bangs ??????

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Sand Man

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I was bored in school, so I drew this on paper, and the paper version was better, but here is this.

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wore a dress today and felt p cute ☆

true friendship = reblogging your friends’ selfies

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Another portrait of a friend for her birthday.  Also, it is horrifying when you remove a layer.

30/03/14 - 1 note

A lot of my art lately has been related to dead things and anxiety.  Here is an anxious self portrait.  I probably do too many self portraits, but I feel like it is the only way to express myself.

Edit:  Also, the resolution is kind of weird/bad because it froze halfway through, so I just had to take a screenshot, restart the program and work from there.

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The lady sitting in front of me in church had cool hair.