15/04/14 - 2 notes

Another portrait of a friend for her birthday.  Also, it is horrifying when you remove a layer.

30/03/14 - 0 notes

A lot of my art lately has been related to dead things and anxiety.  Here is an anxious self portrait.  I probably do too many self portraits, but I feel like it is the only way to express myself.

Edit:  Also, the resolution is kind of weird/bad because it froze halfway through, so I just had to take a screenshot, restart the program and work from there.

16/03/14 - 3 notes

The lady sitting in front of me in church had cool hair.

11/03/14 - 4 notes

My friend thinks that it looks like Jessica Lange.

02/03/14 - 6,275 notes


Reblog this and I will draw a picture of what I think you look like based off of your posts. You have until march 10th to reblog.

01/03/14 - 2 notes

someone else: why are you naked

me: it’s just the lighting

23/02/14 - 1 note

My submission for Sticker Zine, taken from my most recent sticker page.  I’m not sure if it’s in compliance with all the rules, but I sure hope so!

14/02/14 - 11 notes

I started drawing this while I was having a panic attack.

03/02/14 - 1 note

I never posted this self portrait from my drawing class last semester.

02/02/14 - 4 notes

I made a new set of stickers!  If you are interested in buying these, please message me!

31/01/14 - 3 notes

I drew my friend for her birthday.

28/01/14 - 1 note
25/01/14 - 4 notes

I really want to see them go somewhere a little different, artistically, for the new Sailor Moon Series, but I know that they won’t, so i just have to draw fan art.

23/01/14 - 5 notes

It was an assignment in my Chemistry class to create a brochure on how to Balance Equations, and part of the assignment was based on how visually appealing it was, so I made mine comic book themed.  There was also a contest, and I didn’t win because some girl did one that was Hunger Games themed, so, even though it was ugly, she won because the Hunger Games is trendy.  Too bad nobody appreciated the drawing of Antoine Lavoisier, who discovered the Law of Conservation of Mass.

20/01/14 - 5 notes


my “bitch im way more kawaii than u” face

wow my friends are so kawaii when they make me reblog their selfies